BAAANET IT Inc. was founded in 2012 by a Lead Architect with vision driven enthusiasm and zeal to be partners of choice in the information technology domain. This goal is achieved by helping our clients grow their businesses by consistently delivering value for money, providing ingenious innovation, daring dedication, and ultimately roaring results. BAAANET IT Inc. client base includes small and medium sized companies and also includes Consulting services to CMHC, Accenture Canada, & Government of Canada Etc.

     In this 21st century we are specialized in Mobile applications that will empower the people with the touch of the fingers. You provide the Scope we build it for you in a timely affordable cost. No project is small for us we will always be ready to serve your needs.

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About Us

BAAANET IT was founded in 2012 with the vision to be the information technology partner of choice; helping our clients to grow their businesses by consistently delivering value, innovation, dedication, and results.Baaanet markets include the small, medium.

    Our mission is to:

  • take passionate ownership of our clients’ technology needs by taking the time to understand their respective businesses’, challenges and opportunities
  • position our clients for success by leveraging economies of scale to control costs while driving revenue generation opportunities and achieving organizational goals
  • earn the loyalty of our clients by consistently delivering positive measurable results

Any successful engagement begins with key planning phases; BAAANET IT uses an ITIL based phased approach to the execution of a project. Proper care is taken to present the customer with all of the technology options; designing a solution that will easily mold with the business requirements. These rigorous stages have been tested, tried, and refined to maximize the customer’s experience and return of investment in hardware, software, and services.

BAAANET IT is a proud Canadian firm servicing clients across the world in countries like the US, Canada, and India. The ability to operate and support users on a global scale is made possible by our 24/7/365 staffed service desk operation based out of Toronto, Ontario.


We provide consult on measurable digital solutions that deliver optimum results by helping you deliver on your organization’s mission, strategic goals and brand aspirations.


We consult to maximize the business value of your network by providing inputs on how to safeguard your business with critical business uptime monitoring and suggesting ways to improve network and data security.


We offer to tighten the matrix of technology, people and processes by providing advanced security solutions to our customers.


computing: We consult to help your teams work together to ensure software development and delivery success, focusing on deployment, process and tool adoption. Our experts also assist in migration to hybrid cloud and help determine application migration points in weeks rather than months.

Load Balancers & Redundancy

We provide dependable solutions that are perfect for optimizing application performance for your critical workloads – thus helping you grow over the long term.

High Quality Work

We use the latest technology and software to ensure that our designs are modern and world-class.

Client Support

With us you get a royal service, everything is done for you in record time. We have the best before and after sales/project support at no extra cost to you.

Team Work

The main argument is that teamwork burns more hours. This can happen if people aren’t working well together whether it’s design style differences, communication, meetings or too many strong-opinionated workers.


We discuss projects with clients in great detail and make an extensive list of all the works that are going to be carried out including prices.

Mobile App & Web

We are experts in designing and developing Mobile and web based solutions. We help build the perfect application or site for your organization - from small business websites to large deployments. We also do maintenance, online promotions and provide web portal support. We offer a wide range of services - from site updates, to tweaks or redesigns, new sections, or new features. Whatver you need - we are there to transform your dreams to reality!

Ecommerce portal

We do eCommerce consultation with our clients in all manner of online business. As part of our consultation, we help our clients with developing apps, and designing eCommerce website, track progress towards goals and adjust the plan as conditions change.

Web site & portal

We fine-tune user experience from start to finish by designing and developing customized web and enterprise portals that automate business workflows and communication through interconnected web services and applications – in short, a solid solution for a rock-solid website!

Native Mobile Apps

We help our clients by developing, testing and managing Native Mobile Apps and since we have the secret sauce to creating, launching and marketing a successful app, BAAANET IT should be your company of choice.

IOT Apps

Building customer-centric experiences is easier said than done, and as a leading full-stack IoT company, we help startups and enterprises develop apps and automate tasks with the help of multiple cloud solutions, while giving top priority to the security & privacy of our customers

Hybrid Apps

Reach explosive growth with our flagship hybrid app development team that can create all types of cross-platform applications. Being a leading hybrid app development company, we provide the best hybrid app that includes prototyping that leverages client insight at every stage of the development cycle.


UI/UX apps design services to create modern-looking, innovative templates with type hierarchy and ramp up that takes advantage of a flexible design system across all devices. We render designs in HTML/CSS that build websites faster, thus allowing time to focus on analyzing information architecture, sitemap analysis and content inventory.

Desktop Apps

We help transform your app idea to a multi-million-dollar reality by offering best quality desktop application development and products. Our extensive knowledge in developing desktop software and integration of the web-based application with desktop solutions makes us unique.


We offer cost effective SEO services to help your business website get indexed and ranked in major search engines.


Android developers successfully apply Google's Android framework to create Java-based third party mobile applications, software for Smartphone, PDAs, Pocket PCs and other mobile devices.Website developers successfuly apply php framework to create a website . iOS developer create apps for iPhone ,iPad and iPod

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B Mathews

Chief Executive Officer

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BAAANET IT is a proud Canadian firm servicing clients across the world in countries like the US, Canada, and India. The ability to operate and support users on a global scale is made possible by our 24/7/365 staffed service desk operation based out of Toronto, Ontario.

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